About Us



ibuild sportscape pte ltd was established in September 2008 and we have been in operations and serving our clients for more than ten years.  Our company specializes in the design, installation and distribution of artificial grass for stadiums, schools, condominiums, apartments, high rise offices, landed and private properties.

Our vision is to offer a complete range of products and services created by the advanced technology used in making and manufacturing of the artificial grass and wall plants for today's landscape and leisure needs.

NAMGRASS artificial grass solutions.

  • We offer you a smart green solution, a deliciously refreshing green and always free of arid spots
  • Discover the pleasurable advantages of artificial grass and be surprised by the soft and natural aspect of this surface cover.
  • We provide a solution for everyone looking for a suitable surface of superior quality.
  • Mowing, watering, killing weeds, manuring your soil - all of this will be a thing of the past.

NAMGRASS. The ideal surface cover for gardens, terraces and public places. The grass that keeps it special, natural grassy look and combines dynamism with comfort and luxury.


This success story can only be guaranteed with products that meet the strictest quality requirements.  As quality is essential to offer the best, NAMGRASS very carefully selects certified products (ISO 9001) from producers affiliated with various international federations (FIFA, FIH, IRB).

Our  products undergo intense field and lab tests before being included in the NAMGRASS range.  In this way NAMGRASS offers you the GreenGrass quality label, which guarantees a 10 years warranty on the total product range.

The GreenGrass quality label:

  • Selection of superior products
  • Special attention to long term quality of the product
  • Special attention to wear resistance, bouncing features and supple fibres
  • Use of products that have specially been developed for their application area: residential, sports, events, etc.



  • 100% Belgian company, 100% Belgian product
  • 100% focus on artificial grass
  • International player
  • Wide range of products to suit different environments
  • Manufacturer's warranty of 10 years on UV stability and color fastness