Artificial Grass

NAMGRASS has been developed for anyone who likes natural looks, comfort and luxury.  This range has a refreshing green appearance thanks to is several shades of green and is pleasantly supple thanks to its very soft fibres.  Ideal for a large family garden, a smart grass border encircling your swimming pool or a trendy roof patio.

NAMGRASS products are manufactured with the most advanced technology to meet the highest standards of artificial grass.  Thanks to our unique Tuftlock system, heavy duty latex barking and grass fibres of superior quality the most highly qualified products are guaranteed.


30mm pile height. Available in 2m roll width.

Exbuty. If you are seeking for an authentic looking artificial grass that feels as realistic as real grass Exbury is the answer.  With a 30mm pile height and a mixture between curled and straight fibres Exbury copies the effect of a slightly irregular lawn texture. Exbury is a product that is made for extreme resilience and retains a very soft and natural feel. Other features include a dense, dual toned and a unique structure making this product un-compromised in all aspects. It's an extremely versatile product suitable for smaller surfaces as well as for lawn areas, roof gardens and commercial environments.


30mm pile height. Available in 2m roll width.

B2B30 is a very good quality grass using soft multi-toned fibres. With the 30mm pile height B2B30 is an ideal product for roof gardens, children's play areas, terraces as well as lawns.


12mm pile height. Available in 2m roll width.

Green CoPlay (12mm).  With a 12mm pile height and dense curled fibres, Green CoPlay is an extremely hard wearing and durable artificial grass.  It is very well suited to play areas, roof terraces, golf putting greens and gardens etc. as well as commercial applications.  This product does not need sand infill but it is advisable in specific circumstances.