Shock pads

Shock pads for the children's play area.

Shock pads for the children's play garden.



The properties of an artificial lawn are also determined by a good sub base installed directly beneath the artificial turf. We recommend ProGame Shock Pads for the various applications. The producer certifies the source of origin of the materials and all materials used do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Available in various thickness the ProGame Shock PadS can be laid underneath the artificial grass to help absorb impact and create a safe play area for children.

ProGame Shock Pads are resistant to all weather conditions and is laid beneath the NAMGRASS synthetic turf. Although this product can be used for a variety of applications, schools and children's playground area are of the most common.

If you have a solid base such as a concrete area, then artificial grass can be laid over the ProGame Shock Pads to provide a soft landing, without having to dig up the hard surface. This is ideal as a playground where slides, swings etc can be safely used; apart from your home we are having increasing interest from schools and nursery's.